Boosmansbos Wilderness 1
Boosmansbos Nature Reserve Conservation

Boosmansbos Nature Reserve Conservation

Boosmansbos is a World Heritage Site with one of the last remaining stretches of indigenous forest in the south-western Cape. The wilderness area is home to several rare erica species found higher up on the mountain slopes. Boosmansbos falls into the transitional zone between a winter and all-year rainfall region, and the area is fed by several rivers. This creates a microclimate conducive to lush plant and animal life.

A variety of buck, baboons, mongoose, genet and other small mammals inhabit this area. Unfortunately, while there are still leopards in these mountains, they are rarely seen. The isolated pockets of Bokkeveld shale support the growth of the indigenous forest while mountain fynbos, with its characteristic proteas and beautiful ericas, covers the rest. Nearly 200 bird species, including many species of forest birds and birds of prey, inhabit this region.


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