Groot Winterhoek
Groot Winterhoek Wilderness Conservation

Groot Winterhoek Wilderness Conservation

The greater Groot Winterhoek conservation area comprises 30 608 hectares, of which 19 200 hectares was declared a wilderness area in 1985.

The conservation area protects mountain fynbos, including various rare, threatened and endemic species like the Tulbagh powderpuff. A large variety of red disas flower along the streams near the reserve office in January and February.

Visitors to Groot Winterhoek are likely to see klipspringers, grey rhebok and grysbok, but shy predators like leopard, caracal, wild cat, mongoose and genet are seldom seen. About 100 bird species, including the endemic Cape rockjumper, the black eagle, goshawk and jackal buzzard, are found here. A few rare lizard species live in the area, most notably the southern rock lizard.


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