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Jonkershoek Nature Reserve Conservation

Jonkershoek Nature Reserve Conservation

Jonkershoek Nature Reserve is a valuable conservation area. It provides water to Stellenbosch and the surrounding areas, is mainly covered in mountain fynbos, and has rare/endemic plant and animal species.

Although oak trees are not indigenous, they have not been removed from the area as they have historical value. The valley has large pine plantations on property neighbouring the nature reserve. CapeNature has a programme in place to control the growth of hakea and other invasive alien plants that threaten the area’s precious fynbos.

Jonkershoek has a variety of wildlife, including leopard, honey badger, baboon, klipspringer and mongoose, but these mammals are generally shy and seldom seen. The reserve is also home to kingfishers, black eagles, fish eagles, spotted eagle owls, sugarbirds, orange-breasted sunbirds and protea seed-eaters. On warm days you’ll see rock agama lizards basking in the sun.


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