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Stony Point Nature Reserve conservation

Stony Point Nature Reserve conservation

This unique mainland seabird breeding colony is the home to three endangered seabird species and one rarity, all of whom are visible from the reserve’s elevated viewing boardwalk.

The iconic black and white African penguin is the focus of conservation efforts. Our hardy endemic arrived from declining off-shore island colonies to this rocky mainland location in 1982 and has thrived ever since to currently support the largest penguin colony in the Western Cape with over 2 000 seasoned breeding pairs (data correct as of 2014).

The uniformed black Bank cormorant pairs, with courting white rumps, predominate at the rocky outcrops of Beacon Bay in Stony Point. The clumsy Cape cormorant roosting numbers are increasing at this location due to their symbiotic foraging relationship they share with the deep diving penguin and other neighborly marine predators. Finally, our rarity at this unique location is the Crowned cormorant whose pairing numbers are also increasing. They too brood alongside the Bank cormorant and also predominate the rocky out crops of Beacon Bay. Their tea-pot form, crest of plumage and ruby colored eye amongst the black and turquoise of the larger Bank cormorant requires a keen eye to note.


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