De Hoop Nature Reserve Filming

De Hoop lies at the southernmost tip of Africa, where mountains meet the sea and create a fusion between freshwater and marine habitats that support a staggering array of terrestrial and aquatic life. Encompassing roughly 34 000 hectares, this World Heritage Site is one of the largest natural areas managed by CapeNature.

Annually, between July and November, southern right whales make their epic journey back to the safety of these rich waters to mate and calve – a spectacular site to witness. With many large mammals (most notably the rare bontebok and Cape mountain zebra) and a great diversity of birds, the reserve has also become well known for supporting the only breeding colony of Cape vultures left in the Western Cape.

See the videos below for De Hoop’s Filming Options.

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De Hoop Nature Reserve high res copyright Scott Ramsay 73
De Hoop Nature Reserve