Stakeholder engagement

The primary purpose of the Stakeholder Engagement and Access unit is to implement programmes that promotes access to Protected Areas for the sustainable use of natural resources, opportunities for socio-economic development and to create inclusive community participatory platforms.

Over the years CapeNature has been on the forefront of stimulating local economic development activities through its implementation of job creation programmes, such as the Expanded Public Works Programme and Natural Resources Management. These programmes created jobs, brought about poverty alleviation and also provided an opportunity for small business development to communities living adjacent to the reserves.

These empowerment opportunities are a key driver for rural economic stimulation close to the Protected Areas across the Western Cape landscapes. Providing access to natural resources for sustainable use to these rural communities opens up new economic possibilities for them within the biodiversity economy.

The Stakeholder Engagement and Access unit seeks to drive and lead the strategy aimed at increasing the local stakeholder participation in protected area management and improving access to the natural areas, especially for the previously disadvantaged communities.