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Lamberts Bay
Bird Island Curio Shop

About our Curio shops

Want to take a little piece of CapeNature home with you to help you remember the incredible times you’ve spent exploring our reserves? You can do so sustainably while supporting local businesses by picking up a memento from one of our curio shops!

We source authentic souvenirs, clothing and handmade items that are proudly South African in origin. They make perfect gifts for that special someone.

When visiting one of these reserves, stop by the curio shop and help our amazing local small businesses to earn sustainable livelihoods, while supporting our conservation work too.

Memories are forever, gear up at our Curio Shops and give back to nature!

Contact us on 087 087 8250 or email us at reservation.alert@capenature.co.za for more information.

Operating hours are between 7:30 - 16:00

T&Cs apply.