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Swartberg Nature Reserve Conservation

Swartberg Nature Reserve Conservation

The Swartberg Nature Reserve, in conjunction with the neighbouring Gamkapoort Nature Reserve and Towerkop Nature Reserve, is of particular importance in the management of the region’s mountain catchments and water yields. This is a region of extreme climates with very hot summers (temperatures can reach over 40°C) and very cold winters (temperatures dip below zero) with snow on the mountains. The Swartberg Mountains are part of the Cape Fold Mountains.

A diverse range of vegetation is conserved in this reserve, from renosterveld, mountain fynbos and spekboom veld to Karoo-veld and geophyte species. The rare Protea venusta grows in the higher mountain peaks. Leopards still live in these mountains, although they are rarely spotted by visitors. You are likely to see klipspringer, grey rhebok, kudu, baboon and dassies, as well as springbok in the flatter areas. Lucky visitors may spot caracal or a bat-eared fox.


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