Don't Be Trashy!

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Nature offers so much and it is the responsibility of us all to conserve the unique natural heritage resources of the Western Cape for the benefit of future generations.

Nature works like a natural factory to provide us with clean, fresh water and other natural ecosystem services.  Water travels all the way from our majestic mountains, through rivers, wetlands and dams before it comes out of your tap.  All rubbish ends up in our water ways and the ocean and has a severe impact on the natural environment.

The process starts with each one of us - reduce your consumption of disposable items and re-use and recycle plastic, glass, tin and paper. Start in your own home and then begin a recycling or litter prevention project at your school or in your community.  Our future depends on it and that is why CapeNature developed the #DontBeTrashy campaign to address littering behavior in the Western Cape.

With digital, broadcast and clean-up activations, the campaign aims to involve business, NGOs, government, schools and civic groups in an effort to spread awareness of the scale of the problem and change the behavior of individuals and communities. Here's how you can help:

Join the #Don'tBeTrashy Movement

  • Tell your friends and family
  • Share the message on all your social media platforms
  • Be a #DontBeTrashy ambassador

Register your Own Clean-up

  • Sign up to host your own #DontBeTrashy clean-up on
  • Receive a clean up toolkit, including checklists and bags
  • Share your photos and the weight of litter collected with the hashtag #DontBeTrashy


  • Commit to several self-funded activations
  • Promote campaign and CapeNature as a partner in the media
  • Fund co-branded material (bags, stickers, artwork)
To get involved, add your details below, and we'll be in contact!
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