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Research and resource library

Research and resource library

Grootvadersbosch info sheet
Group Action Projects: For the Love of Birds
GVB Info Sheet
Has strategic planning made a difference to amphibian conservation research in South Africa?

Bothalia 49. Measey, J., Tarrant, J., Rebelo, A., Turner, A.A., Du Preez, L., Mokhatla, M. & Conradie, W. 2019.

How to detect a shot-hole borer attack

The Polyphagous Shot-Hole Borer (PSHB) is a tiny invasive black beetle from Asia that has recently arrived in South Africa.

Individual Action Projects: For the Love of Birds

Whenever you are in nature, why not see how many different birds you can hear or see? See if you can identify at least 3 birds, send us their names and a picture of yourself birdwatching and earn 200 points. Email to

Infographic and activity: classification of plants and animals – International Day for Biological Diversity (Grade 7)

International Day for Biological Diversity is celebrated on 22 May every year and focuses on issues of biodiversity around the world. Discover what makes the Western Cape’s biodiversity so special and complete the fun activity.

Infographic Mountain Day Women and Mountains 2022

Women play a key role in environmental protection and social and economic development in mountain areas.

Infographic Plant Appreciation Day Responsible Planting 2022

The Western Cape has incredibly unique flora and planting should take place at the right time of the year. Help us work towards planting one million trees by planting one today!

Infographic series: marine and waste – source to sea, reduce your footprint, trash-free oceans

These fun, informative infographics will help you learn how to reduce the waste that often ends up in our oceans. 

Infographic Water Day Water Scarcity 2022

March 22nd is annually observed as World Water Day.