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Activity booklet: climate change – ages 13 to 16

What is the difference between the weather and the climate? What happens when the climate changes? In this booklet, you’ll find cool and fun activities such as word searches and puzzles to help you understand the difference between weather and climate.

Book Digital Western Cape Environmental Education Friends Handbook 2022

A complete guide to education for sustainable development practitioners in the Western Cape.

Booklet: CapeNature educational programmes, teacher workshops and programmes

Need some inspiration to help you teach the Natural Sciences, Technology and Life Skills curricula? We have it sorted!

Education manual: Fire – wildfire awareness toolkit for educators

For many areas of the Western Cape, it is not a matter of if a wildfire is going to occur, but when. This wild-fire awareness toolkit covers topics around wildfires in the Western Cape, including wildfire risk, climate change, the rising costs of wildfire response and limitations to wildfire firefighting.

Flipchart: fire awareness

There are two kinds of fire: useful fires and harmful (or dangerous) fires. We use useful fires to cook, keep us warm or braai. Harmful fires, on the other hand, can cause serious damage to lives and livelihoods, including causing the death of animals or burning down homes. 

Infographic Mountain Day Women and Mountains 2022

Women play a key role in environmental protection and social and economic development in mountain areas.

Infographic Plant Appreciation Day Responsible Planting 2022

The Western Cape has incredibly unique flora and planting should take place at the right time of the year. Help us work towards planting one million trees by planting one today!

Infographic series: marine and waste – source to sea, reduce your footprint, trash-free oceans

These fun, informative infographics will help you learn how to reduce the waste that often ends up in our oceans. 

Infographic Water Day Water Scarcity 2022

March 22nd is annually observed as World Water Day.

Infographic Wetlands Day Wetlands Restoration 2022

World Wetlands Day is celebrated on the 2nd of February every year.