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A framework to measure the wildness of managed large vertebrate populations

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Adaptive governance of Cape mountain zebra - can it work?

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      Conservation: LoveNature with Mbali Series _ isiXhosa

      Join nature lover and conservationist Mbali as she covers all the relevant topics on species conservation and biodiversity from Natural Sciences and Technology subject matter. Learn about what the living and non-living thing is, why ecosystems and interdependence are important, what the biosphere is and what classification is. These videos are aligned to the curriculum on topics covered in the classroom. Available in English, Afrikaans and isiXhosa.

      Global conservation status of turtles and tortoises (Order Testudines)

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      Goukamma Nature Reserve Survival Guide kit

      Thank you for choosing Goukamma Nature Reserve as your preferred destination.

      Goukamma Nature Reserve and Marine Protected Area, situated on the Garden Route between

      Sedgefield and Knysna have a diverse array of fascinating habitats and an abundance of smaller wildlife,

      birds and fish. It is also a World Heritage Site. Goukamma is home to an extensive dune field with

      some of the highest vegetated dunes in South Africa, and the unique Groenvlei lake which has no

      inflowing rivers and only an underground link to the sea.

      Has strategic planning made a difference to amphibian conservation research in South Africa?

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      Intentional Genetic Manipulation as a conservation threat

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      Lesson plan and presentation: Holistic predation management

      This general awareness programme investigates holistic predation management.

      Lessons for conservation management Monitoring temporal changes in genetic diversity of Cape mountain zebra

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