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CapeNature introduces the newest conservation kid on the block

6 Aug 2021

CapeNature launched the brand new “LoveNature with Mbali” educational animated series today. Learners from Grade 4 to 7 can follow the live protagonist, Mbali, a 13-year old nature lover and her side-kick, the CapeNature Bot as they explore various conservation related topics. And what is more, the content is fully curriculum aligned.

CapeNature partnered with the Western Cape Education Department to make the series available as a resource tool for teachers and parents during a time where contact sessions are not always possible.

“The “LoveNature with Mbali” series was developed when the need arose to educate learners about environmental conservation through online and other non-contact platforms, following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. The series has since grown into much more, as the need for resource material became apparent through engagements with the Western Cape Education Department and other partners. Each English episode is also available with Afrikaans and isiXhosa subtitles, a first for us”, says CapeNature CEO, Dr Razeena Omar.

The 16 animated videos link to topics in the Natural Sciences and Technology and Life Skills subjects. The highly entertaining videos can be used by teachers, environmental educators, learners and parents as a teaching and learning aid.

Mr Brent Walters, Superintendent General of the Western Cape Education Department, said that the animated videos have been linked with the Grade 4-7 Natural Sciences and Technology Lesson Plans and will effectively support learners whose home Language is isiXhosa and Afrikaans to understand the content and concepts, addressing Language Across Curriculum (LAC). The scientific content addressed will also assist in generating interest in the various fields of science.

“The series of animated videos will encourage the learners to practice, share and advocate matters of conservation, environmental awareness and sustainability to their communities that might not have access to this information,” he said.

“Every learner can be a “Love Nature” ambassador such as Mbali!”

Through this educational tool, the characters not only provide learners with the knowledge that is needed to understand a particular topic, but also link each topic to a conservation message and a call to action. Environmental themes explored include waste, water, species conservation and energy. It is envisaged that these messages will create a sense of shared responsibility toward our environment and encourage positive behaviour change in learners and educators alike.

The complete Mbali LoveNature series can be viewed and downloaded here.

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