Interview a tree and win big!

31 Aug 2021

In celebration of Arbour Day, 2021 observed on 1 September every year, CapeNature is giving away an outdoor solar pack (made up of a mini portable solar system consisting of a solar panel, radio / mp3, Bluetooth functionality, two light bulbs and a USB charger) to lucky winners with its popular “Interview with a Tree” competition. Entering the competition is really easy.

Children play the part of the interviewee and get a friend, sibling, parent, or teacher to play the part of the tree. This competition gives learners in their respective grades the opportunity to learn more about trees and the important role they play in society. It is also an opportunity for children to get their creative juices flowing by conceptualising, scripting, and recording their audio productions. The overall winner stands a chance of being interviewed live on the radio.

Entering the competition is really easy. Simply request an entry form by emailing and submit it with your recording by no later than midnight, 17 September 2021.

Not sure how to start? Listen to some of last year’s winning entries.

Top tip: Make sure the tree you are interviewing is indigenous to South Africa!


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