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Schools gifted with seedlings for food gardens this International Plant Appreciation Day

13 Apr 2021

CapeNature and the Western Cape Government celebrate Plant Appreciation Day together by gifting 12 schools across the Western Cape with seedlings and seeds for their food gardens. The special calendar day falls on 13 April every year and is aimed at highlighting the importance of plants in our daily lives.

With 52% of South African households struggling to have a daily meal and Covid - 19 that has heightened this food crisis, food gardens are aggressively promoted in all communities, including schools.

CapeNature has partnered with the food garden programme to bring these schools an array of much needed seeds and seedlings. Schools that will receive seedlings include Woodlands Primary, Litha Primary, Isalithis Primary, Suurbrak Primary, Dalubuhle Primary and  Wagenmakervallei Primary, amongst others.

Furthermore, all schools will receive an electronic teachers pack that will include a lesson plan and presentation that can be used by teachers for grade 4 learners. The lesson plan is curriculum aligned and supports learning being done in the classroom.

Much of human nutrition depends on land plants, either directly or indirectly. Human nutrition depends to a large extent on cereals, especially maize (or corn), rice and other staples such as wheat, potato and legumes. Food also includes vegetables and fruits as well as things like spices and herbs. Even some beverages such as tea and coffee are  produced from plants.

The School Food Project is responsible for the establishment and sustaining of food production initiatives in schools. It aims to encourage learners to use the knowledge to establish home gardens and to encourage educators to use the gardens in teaching and learning (integration).

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