Are you ready for a journey that combines challenge, beauty, and the thrill of the unknown?

15 Dec 2023

Embark on an adrenaline-fueled odyssey in the heart of the Hottentots-Holland mountains with Suicide Gorge! Just a short drive from Cape Town, this 16.2-kilometre kloofing expedition is a playground for thrill-seekers. Picture this: 10 jumps, cascading waterfalls, and natural waterslides await those daring enough to explore. The trail, a testament to nature's artistry, winds through towering cliffs, revealing hidden pools and lush fynbos gardens. For the adventurous spirits, there's a mandatory 14-meter jump and optional 20-meter leaps.

Every curve in the gorge reveals something new; massive pools glistening in their cliff-bonded vaults, cascading waterfalls, and epic natural waterslides. Beautiful riverine trees and well-protected fynbos grow on the course and hang down from the cracks in the cliffs, forming a water-filled botanical garden.

This hike requires a unique purpose permit, including swimming shorts, a swimsuit, a quick-drying shirt, and hiking shoes. A light wetsuit is recommended for 80% of the hike, and an adequate dry bag and warm coats are recommended. Water, energy snacks and lunch are recommended. A waterproof sunscreen and waterproof camera are also essential.

Kloofing is a strenuous and dangerous activity, requiring experienced kloofers and a knowledgeable guide. Weather conditions can change quickly, so check the forecast and avoid starting if rain or poor weather occurs. Wear a wetsuit, carry food, emergency gear, bring warm clothing, and be prepared for a long day. Cape mountain water is dark and underwater hazards can be invisible.

Safety is our number one concern, therefore all hikers/kloofers who want to experience Suicide Gorge and Riviersonderend must be physically fit, have a lot of experience, have an adventurous spirit, in possession of the required gear and it is highly recommended that you go to Suicide Gorge with a professional adventure guide who has done this before.

To prepare for a hike, check the weather forecast and pack rainproof clothes and water. If bad weather occurs, seclude in a safe area and hike when safe. Wear suitable shoes, sunscreen, and a hat. Save your battery for times with a signal and communicate with trusted people. Plan your routes and make an emergency escape plan. Bring a first aid kit, flashlight, whistle, and spare batteries. If hiking with children, consider their route and weather conditions. If an injured person is in your group, stay with them and seek help. Walk in a group of 6-8 people and obey route signage.

Have questions or not sure you can take on this adventure? Give us a call on 087 087 8250 for more information and to book.


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