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Infographic: Biodiversity – five forest species found in the Western Cape

Meet five interesting forest species found in the Western Cape. 

Presentation: Arbor Day - youth and adults

Arbor Day is celebrated on the last Friday of April annually. This is a special day to celebrate trees like a birthday. Its purpose is to encourage people to learn about the importance of trees and how to protect them for us and future generations.

Presentation: Biodiversity - International Day of Forests

On 21 March each year, the world celebrates International Day of the Forest. This special day highlights the importance of forests to people such as cleaning the air we breathe for us and providing us with wood for creating books, stationery and musical instruments.

    Presentation: Magical Forests: all about forest biodiversity

    Forests play a vital role in biodiversity. They provide food and shelter for the many species found in them. In forests, some animals live in the forest canopy while others live on the ground and under shrubs and all share an interconnected food chain.

    Radio clips: Interview with a Tree

    Listen to these fun radio clips as kids interview a variety of trees on curriculum related topics in the 2020 and 2022 Arbor Day Interview with a Tree Competition. There are so many interesting things to learn about trees. Give it a try!