Forge your path on CapeNature trails

1 Jul 2021

Forge your path on CapeNature trails.

Fear of getting lost or separated from your hiking group and anxiety over not knowing where to hike can put off many people from exploring Western Cape’s beautiful mountain trails? CapeNature is excited to be partnering with Forge to change this. With Forge’s accurate and up-to-date digital trail maps, you can feel confident and reassured whilst out on trails across several CapeNature reserves.

Who is Forge?

Forge is a 100% homegrown South African start-up, specialising in geo-spatial and mapping solutions. Their main focus is the Forge mobile app that hosts hand-curated trail maps providing you with all the information you need to explore the outdoors.

Navigate over 4 700 kilometres of trails - digitised and mapped across South Africa by the Forge team. The accurate and up-to-date maps are packaged with useful info including permit and entry fees, contact details, parking spots and more.

Why use the Forge app?

  • Digital trail maps
    All Forge maps are rigorously digitised using GPS data and satellite imagery to ensure that they are accurate and verified as far as possible. By enabling your location you can ensure you stay on the right path with your GPS location on the map and explore the great outdoors to your heart’s content.

  • Offline maps
    Download reserve maps of your choice to use even when there is no cellphone signal.

  • Emergency Calls
    Call the relevant emergency contact or services directly from the app (network-dependent).

With the Forge app, you can plan your hike according to your preference as each trail segment is attributed with useful information including the trail name, terrain, difficulty, distance and even whether dogs are allowed or mountain biking is allowed.

The goal at Forge is to create a more safety-conscious and environmentally aware outdoor community. This is why they’ve also included quick access to mountain safety tips (inspired by CapeNature’s Safety Guide) and useful links including links to the growing Forge Club on Strava. To make the outdoors as accessible as possible, Forge is completely free and available both on Android and iOS.

Which CapeNature trails are on Forge?

Initially 12 CapeNature reserve maps (with more planned over the next year) will be available on the Forge app and website. The partnership with CapeNature ensures that the information you receive is accurate and up to date when planning your hikes on CapeNature’s beautiful trails. You can expect to find popular locations like Kogelberg Nature Reserve, Cederberg Wilderness Area, Jonkershoek Nature Reserve as well as other lesser-known gems such as Groot Winterhoek Wilderness Area and Rocherpan Nature Reserve. You’ll also be able to submit feedback to Forge, such as trails requiring maintenance, closed trails or missing signage, which will be passed on directly to CapeNature.

For more information visit, contact them at and stay up-to-date by following Forge on Instagram, @forge_sa. Together with Forge, we look forward to helping you to Find Your Path and Explore More.

*Select CapeNature reserves available via the Forge platform.


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