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For teachers
Poster: Fire - Report Smoke and Fire

This poster reminds us of the important numbers to call to report smoke and fire. Useful for community groups and for teachers when educating on fire safety.

Poster: Marine - Rocky Shores

Learn all about what rocky shores are and who lives there. Teachers can use this poster as a source of information on different types of ecosystems. 

Presentation: Arbor Day - youth and adults

Arbor Day is celebrated on the last Friday of April annually. This is a special day to celebrate trees like a birthday. Its purpose is to encourage people to learn about the importance of trees and how to protect them for us and future generations.

Presentation: Marine Month - grade 6 - food chains and food webs

October is national Marine Month. This month is dedicated to celebrating our marine life. Did you know that our oceans produce more oxygen than the Amazon rainforest? They control our climate and give us food. Discover how we can protect our marine ecosystems for the health of the planet – and ourselves.

Presentation: The web of life - all about interdependence

The world is made up of a variety of plants and animals, and we call the variety of life on Earth biodiversity. These make up the web of life, where each living thing depends on the other for survival.

Quiz solution Classification of plants and animals International Day of Biological Diversity Grade 7

Do you know why the Western Cape's biodiversity is so special? Can you name the four kingdoms living things can be divided up into? Take our parent and teacher quiz today to see how much you know about this fascinating kingdom.

    Radio clip: Fire - emergency contact numbers - English

    Need to know how to react and who to call in event of a fire? This short radio clip gives you the important numbers needed for fire safety. 

    Radio clips: Interview with a Tree

    Listen to these fun radio clips as kids interview a variety of trees on curriculum related topics in the 2020 and 2022 Arbor Day Interview with a Tree Competition. There are so many interesting things to learn about trees. Give it a try!

    Radio Interview: Day in the Life of a Field Ranger

    Ever wonder what a field ranger does on a day to day basis? Listen to our rangers tell you all about their interesting work at CapeNature!

    Radio Interview: Fire

    Learn all about fire, why it is a threat and what can be done to prevent it. Available in English, Afrikaans and isiXhosa.