Activity booklet: Water – ages 7 to 10

In our water-activity booklet, learners will discover fun and interesting water-based games they can play to enhance their general knowledge of water and its importance.

Activity: Colouring in – water factory

Have fun colouring in nature’s water factory!

Conservation: LoveNature with Mbali Series _ Afrikaans

Join nature lover and conservationist Mbali as she covers all the relevant topics on species conservation and biodiversity from Natural Sciences and Technology subject matter. Learn about what the living and non-living thing is, why ecosystems and interdependence are important, what the biosphere is and what classification is. These videos are aligned to the curriculum on topics covered in the classroom. Available in English, Afrikaans and isiXhosa.

Infographic series: marine and waste – source to sea, reduce your footprint, trash-free oceans

These fun, informative infographics will help you learn how to reduce the waste that often ends up in our oceans. 

Infographic: Fisheries

This beautifully illustrated infographic shows how important our fisheries are to our well-being. 

Infographic: Freshwater fishing guide

Fancy fishing? Find out where and how you can fish in the Western Cape.

Infographic: Groundwater

Every wonder what ground water is and how it works? This infographic explains how important ground water is to us.

Infographic: Sustainable living – Earth Day 2020

Need some tips on how to live more sustainably? Take a look at how to do this and why it is important. 

Infographic: Water saving tips and valuing water

Learn just how precious water is and how you can save it by making small changes. 

Infographic: Wetlands and people

Wetlands are important to people. Find out why with this infographic. 

Lesson plan and presentation – water cycle (Grade 4)

This lesson plans covers the water cycle, why water is important and the states of matter.

Lesson Plan and Presentation: Water - Age 8 - 12 - 5hr

In this fun, water holiday programme, learners will learn about the many uses of water and take part in a range of water-related activities such as the water cycle, clouds and puddles as well as Wacky water arts and crafts.