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Presentation: Magical Forests: all about forest biodiversity

Forests play a vital role in biodiversity. They provide food and shelter for the many species found in them. In forests, some animals live in the forest canopy while others live on the ground and under shrubs and all share an interconnected food chain.

Presentation: Marine Biodiversity - The Fabulous Forms of Fish

There are some 2 600 species of fish in our seas including 270 families of fishes represented in South Africa, equivalent to 83% of all marine fish families known. Strikingly, up to 13% are endemic, ranking amongst the highest anywhere else in the world.

Presentation: Tortoises, Terrapins and Turtles

South African turtles, terrapins and tortoises. South Africa has five of the seven kinds of sea turtles occurring in its coastal and off-shore waters.

Presentation: Waste - Worms on a mission

How much do we know about Earthworms? Worms are invertebrates meaning they do not have a backbone, instead, they wiggle, crawl and slide. Earthworms have no eyes or ears and breathe through their skin.

Radio clip: Water Saving Tip Series

Ever wondered how you can save water? These radio clips can tell you how in both English and Afrikaans.

Radio Interview_ Biodiversity - Illegal Harvesting

Listen to our Field Rangers talk about biodiversity crime.

Radio Interview: Day in the Life of a Field Ranger

Ever wonder what a field ranger does on a day to day basis? Listen to our rangers tell you all about their interesting work at CapeNature!

Radio Interview: Earth Day - Climate Change

In these English and Afrikaans Radio Interviews we talk about how important it us to protect our Earth, what climate change is and what we can do to protect our planet.