A framework to measure the wildness of managed large vertebrate populations

Conservation Biology. Child, M.F., Nel, L., Sellier, S.A.J., Power, J., Birss, C., Radloff, F.G.T., Taylor, A., Davies-Moster, H., Okes, N., Mallon, D., Hoffman, M. 2019.

Adaptive governance of Cape mountain zebra - can it work?

Adaptive governance and network governance theory provide a useful conceptual framework to guide the conservation of threatened species in complex multi-actor, multi-jurisdictional social ecological systems.

African Journal of Wildlife Research Vol. 47, No. 2. Novellie, P., Birss, C., Cowell, C., Kerley, G.I.H., Peinke, D., Pfab, M., Sellier, J. and Zimmerman, D. 2017

    Monitoring temporal changes in genetic diversity of Cape mountain zebra

    This study aims to determine the impact of management on genetic diversity in three key populations of the Cape mountain zebra. Our results show a substantial loss of heterozygosity across the Cape mountain zebra populations studied. Authors: Kotzé A, Smith RM, Moodley Y, Birss C, Grobler JP, Dalton DL. 2019.

    Standard Operational Procedure For Using Paintball Markers As Baboon Deterrents

    The objective of this SOP is to regulate the use of PBMs in achieving the stated aim

    while not causing any unnecessary harm or suffering to baboons.