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Activity booklet: Biodiversity (nature) – ages 6 to 10

This activity book is proudly brought to you by CapeNature and offers various activities around biodiversity. Here, you’ll participate in games that will teach you how to conserve our indigenous fishes and how lowland fynbos works. 

Activity booklet: Fire – ages 3 to 8

Do you know the difference between good fires and bad fires? In this activity book, you’ll learn all about fire and how it affects our lives. Here, you’ll also find interactive games such as word search puzzles around fires. 

Activity: Colouring in – plant appreciation day

Enjoy colouring in these pictures of the unique plants found in the Western Cape!

Activity: Colouring in – water factory

Have fun colouring in nature’s water factory!

Infographic series: marine and waste – source to sea, reduce your footprint, trash-free oceans

These fun, informative infographics will help you learn how to reduce the waste that often ends up in our oceans. 

Video Marine Biodiversity Penguin Palooza 2020

Learn all about the importance of penguins and watch a penguin release from the view point of these incredible birds.