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Learning Library

Lesson plan and presentation: Biodiversity Day – soil is life (Grade 5 – teachers’ workshop)

Teachers workshop: Natural Science and Technology for Grade 5 on planet Earth and beyond, systems and control (the surface of the Earth)
* Rocks
* Soil types

Lesson plan and presentation: Energy and electricity – youth and adults

Saving energy is an important part of sustainable living. This presentation and lesson plan offer both youth groups and adults the information and tools to understand the value of energy and how to conserve it in our daily lives.

Lesson plan and presentation: Energy transfer and energy chains – Grade 4

We use energy for everything we do – we get our energy from food, and the energy in our food comes from the sun. Plants also use the energy from the sun to make food for animals and people. This presentation and lesson plan is ideal for teachers.

Lesson plan and presentation: Energy – renewable and non-renewable resources (Grade 7)

Use this lesson plan and presentation to teach and learn all about renewable and non-renewable resources.

Lesson plan and presentation: Fabulous flora of the Western Cape – youth and adults

This lesson plan will help you run a programme on the incredible flora of the Western Cape with communities or young people.

Lesson plan and presentation: Fire – general awareness (youth and adults)

This lesson plan looks at the causes of fire, how to report them, and how to become fire wise and prevent them. 

Lesson plan and presentation: food chains – Grade 6

Learn all about food chains and ecosystems. There are one-hour and three-hour lesson options available.

Lesson plan and presentation: Holistic predation management

This general awareness programme investigates holistic predation management.

Lesson plan and presentation: Invasive species – youth and adults

Learn all about the problem of invasive species in the Western Cape, the possible solutions, and what CapeNature is doing.

Lesson plan and presentation: Living and non-living things

This lesson plan focuses on the difference between living and non-living things and the seven life processes: movement, respiration, sensitivity, growth, reproduction, excretion and feeding.

Lesson plan and presentation: structure of plants – Plant Appreciation Day

This lesson plan and presentation for Grade 4 teachers cover the structure of plants.

Lesson plan and presentation: structure of plants – Plant Appreciation Day (Grade 4)

Learn all about the structure of plants.