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Learning Library

Lesson Plan and Presentation: Waste - Composting - youth and adults

Learn about why waste is harmful and how composting can help.

Lesson Plan and Presentation: Waste - Recycling - youth and adults

Learn about recycling - how it's done and why it is important.

Lesson Plan and Presentation: Water - Age 8 - 12 - 5hr

In this fun, water holiday programme, learners will learn about the many uses of water and take part in a range of water-related activities such as the water cycle, clouds and puddles as well as Wacky water arts and crafts.

Lesson Plan and Presentation: Water - Pollution and Wetlands - Grade 6

Learn all about wetlands, what threatens them and what we can do about it! 

Lesson Plan and Presentation: Water - Sustainable Living - youth and adults

Learn what can be done through this practical water saving programme.

Lesson Plan and Presentation: World Environment Day - The Air We Breathe (pollution) Grade 9

In this lesson plan and presentation, students will be exposed to a variety of topics around the weather and climate change, including the greenhouse effect, global warming (the atmosphere) and the different causes of climate change. 

Lesson Plan: Biodiversity - Plants and Animals on Earth - Grade 5

This lesson plan deals with topics including biodiversity and the different plants and animals on Earth.

Pamphlet: Careers in Conservation Grade 11-12

Learn about all the careers that are possible in conservation. 

Poster series Marine Endangered Marine Birds

This series of three posters will give you all the information you need about three endangered marine bird species including the African penguin, Cape comorant and Cape gannet.

Poster: Fire - Report Smoke and Fire

This poster reminds us of the important numbers to call to report smoke and fire. Useful for community groups and for teachers when educating on fire safety.

Poster: Marine - Rocky Shores

Learn all about what rocky shores are and who lives there. Teachers can use this poster as a source of information on different types of ecosystems. 

Presentation: Arbor Day - youth and adults

Arbor Day is celebrated on the last Friday of April annually. This is a special day to celebrate trees like a birthday. Its purpose is to encourage people to learn about the importance of trees and how to protect them for us and future generations.