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Research and resource library

Adaptive governance of Cape mountain zebra - can it work?

Adaptive governance and network governance theory provide a useful conceptual framework to guide the conservation of threatened species in complex multi-actor, multi-jurisdictional social ecological systems.

African Journal of Wildlife Research Vol. 47, No. 2. Novellie, P., Birss, C., Cowell, C., Kerley, G.I.H., Peinke, D., Pfab, M., Sellier, J. and Zimmerman, D. 2017

    African penguin booklet

    African penguins breed on only 25 islands and at 3 mainland sites between Algoa Bay in South Africa and central Namibia and nowhere else in the world. It is the only penguin that breeds in Africa. Read this and many more fascinating facts about the African penguin in this booklet.

    Algemene boerdery aktiwiteite - wanneer benodig u omgewingsmagtiging?

    'n Handige inligtingstuk vir alle boere wat wil weet wanneer omgewingsmagtiging benodig word. Gerieflikheidshalwe is daar ook 'n lys van kontakpersone en hulle besonderhede ingesluit.

    Algeria info sheet
    Book Digital Western Cape Environmental Education Friends Handbook 2022

    A complete guide to education for sustainable development practitioners in the Western Cape.

    Booklet: CapeNature educational programmes, teacher workshops and programmes

    Need some inspiration to help you teach the Natural Sciences, Technology and Life Skills curricula? We have it sorted!

    Cape Peninsula Baboon Management Memorandum of Agreement
    Cape Peninsula Baboon Strategic Management Plan 2023/24 to 2033/34 and public comments
    CapeNature Consumptive Use Policy 2019

    The Western Cape Nature Conservation Board Policy Document Control

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