Intentional Genetic Manipulation as a conservation threat

Russo, I.M., Hoban, S., Bloomer, P., Kotze, A., Segelbacher, G., Rushworth, I., Birss, C., Bruford, M. 2018.

Lesson plan and presentation: Holistic predation management

This general awareness programme investigates holistic predation management.

Monitoring temporal changes in genetic diversity of Cape mountain zebra

This study aims to determine the impact of management on genetic diversity in three key populations of the Cape mountain zebra. Our results show a substantial loss of heterozygosity across the Cape mountain zebra populations studied. Authors: KotzĂ© A, Smith RM, Moodley Y, Birss C, Grobler JP, Dalton DL. 2019.

Policy: Honeybee colonies in CapeNature Protected Areas

The purpose of this policy is to regulate the placement of honey bee colonies on CapeNature Protected Areas.

The policy is issued in terms of Section 16(1)(e) of the Nature Conservation Ordinance No. 19 of 1974 and seeks to achieve the objectives and purposes of the Ordinance.

Polyphageous Shot Hole Borer

Frequently Asked Questions of the Polyphageous Shot Hole Borer

Position Statement on The Consumptive Use of Wild Flora

Position Statement on the Consumptive Use of Wild Flora

Presentation: Marine Month and Legislation

Learn about the marine laws that govern and protect our marine environments

Priorities for protected area research

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Protection levels show imperiled SA reptiles not sufficiently safe-guarded despite low extinction risk

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Quantitative evaluation of hybridization and the impact on biodiversity conservation

Ecology and Evolution, 7: 320–330. Van Wyk, A.M., Dalton, D.L., Hoban, S., Bruford, M.W., Russo, I-R.M., Birss, C., Grobler, P., van Vuuren, B.J. and Kotzé, A. 2017.