State of Conservation Report 2021

The entity endeavours to provide annual snapshots of the conservation status of species and ecosystems, highlighting achievements and impacts. This is the second State of Conservation Report that will inform the Western Cape State of Biodiversity Report, as mandated by the newly assented Western Cape Biodiversity Act.

State of Conservation Report 2022

This is the third State of Conservation Report to inform the periodic Western Cape State of Biodiversity Report, as mandated by the newly assented Western Cape Biodiversity Act, aimed at providing the status of indicators for assessing the global state of biodiversity.

The implications of reclassification of South African wildlife species as farm animals

South African Journal of Science 116. Somers, M.J., Walters, M., Measey, J., Strauss, W.M., Turner, A.A., Venter, J.A., Nel, L., Kerley, G.I.H., Taylor, W.A. & Moodley, Y. 2020.

Video Webinar: Biodiversity World Ranger Day 2020

Learn about the important work that rangers do, the threats to biodiversity and what can be done to conserve it. Also learn what the day in the life of a field ranger is about. 

Video World Environment Day: Ecosystem Restoration with Mbali

Join Mbali as she interviews experts that are involved in ecosystem restoration. Available in English, Afrikaans, isiXhosa and isiZulu.

Video: A Marine Safari Webinar

A webinar about marine ecosystems and what is being done to protect them.

Video: Webinar - Biodiversity State of Conservation Report 2020

In this interesting webinar, learn about the state of conservation in the Western Cape, what the threats are to biodiversity and what is being done to conserve it. 

Vulnerability of cape fold ecoregion freshwater fishes to climate change and other human impacts.

Shelton, J., Weyl, O., Chakona, A., Ellender, B., Esler, K., Impson, D. Jordaan, M., Marr, S., Ngobela, T., van der Walt, R., Paxton B., and Dallas, H. 2017.

Western Cape Province's Nature Conservation Ordinance, 1974

The Western Cape Nature Conservation Board is established as a juristic entity in terms of the Western Cape Biodiversity Act, 2021. CapeNature is governed by this Board, which is CapeNature's accounting authority.