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Video World Environment Day: Ecosystem Restoration with Mbali

Join Mbali as she interviews experts that are involved in ecosystem restoration. Available in English, Afrikaans, isiXhosa and isiZulu.

Video: Webinar - Biodiversity State of Conservation Report 2020

In this interesting webinar, learn about the state of conservation in the Western Cape, what the threats are to biodiversity and what is being done to conserve it. 

Video: Webinar - No Rain No Gain

Learn all about how we can harvest water in this interesting webinar style video presentation.

Video: Webinar - The Wonderful World of Insects

Learn about why insects are so interesting and why they are so important in this fun webinar about these creepy crawlies. 

Video: Webinar - Web of Life - All about Interdependence

What is interdependence? Why is it important? Learn all about interdependence in this webinar presentation.

Western Cape Environmental Education Friends Handbook

The Western Cape has often been described as a ‘world in one province’. With its coastline that stretches more than 1000kms, pristine beaches, majestic mountainranges, an abundance of wildlife sanctuaries, nature reserves and national parks, as well as its wealth of fauna and flora, this richly diverse natural paradise should be enjoyed – but at the same time protected.

It is here that environmental education and awareness has an important role to play. Whether it be the education of children to appreciate, enjoy and conserve all that the province has to offer, or providing the right sort of guidance to older children who are considering an environmental career.

Adults too, who wish to learn more about the environment and what we should be doing to preserve our natural heritage, will benefit from knowing who to contact.