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Radio Interview: Day in the Life of a Field Ranger

Ever wonder what a field ranger does on a day to day basis? Listen to our rangers tell you all about their interesting work at CapeNature!

Radio Interview: Earth Day - Climate Change

In these English and Afrikaans Radio Interviews we talk about how important it us to protect our Earth, what climate change is and what we can do to protect our planet.

Radio Interview: Fire Management

Listen to one of the CapeNature Field Rangers speak about Fire, why it is important to prevent it and what the entity is doing to manage fire in the Western Cape. 

Radio Interview: Water & Wetlands

Learn all about the importance of wetlands and how you can protect them in these radio interviews. 

Radio Interview: Water - Water Week

These interesting and informative English and Afrikaans Radio interviews remind us why water is so important and why it needs to be conserved. 

Video Marine Biodiversity Essential Estuaries Webinar

This interesting Webinar speaks to the importance of estuaries and why it is critical that we conserve them. Watch a panel of specialists speak about this critical topic. 

Video Marine Biodiversity Penguin Palooza 2020

Learn all about the importance of penguins and watch a penguin release from the view point of these incredible birds. 

Video Marine Biodiversity World Fisheries Day Fisheries Under Threat 2019

Learn why our fisheries are under threat and what is being done to save them in this fun video filmed on World Fisheries Day 2019.

Video Webinar: Biodiversity World Ranger Day 2020

Learn about the important work that rangers do, the threats to biodiversity and what can be done to conserve it. Also learn what the day in the life of a field ranger is about.