Vaalkrans Sharp Rock Cape Nature
28 Jun 2024
Call for Nominations to serve on the CapeNature Board

Call for nominations to serve on the CapeNature Board is now open. Four Board appointments (two Finance Management, one Biodiversity Conservation and one Human Resource Management will be effective from 30 August 2024; while a further two Board appointments (Corporate Governance, and Eco-tourism and Biodiversity Economy) will be effective from 15 June 2025. Nominations close on 28 July 2024.

NASA aircraft Johnson Space Centre
21 Jul 2021 by Andrew Turner
NASA’s BioSCape Project to assess Cape Floristic Region

The South Western Cape hosts a famously rich biodiversity, both terrestrial and marine, which is largely derived from the phenomenal levels of biodiversity change over very small distances (technically, represented by beta, gamma and zeta diversity as one expands spatial scope). This has attracted the attention of NASA, the United States of America’s Space Agency.