Scolopia swimming pool view
18 May 2023
CapeNature announces reopening of Scolopia at Grootvadersbosch Nature Reserve

CapeNature is pleased to announce the reopening of its Scolopia self-catering unit at Grootvadersbosch Nature Reserve after undergoing major renovations. Scolopia now offers an enhanced experience in nature, with modern amenities and comfortable living spaces, making it an ideal base for exploring the reserve and enjoying the beauty of the Western Cape.

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16 May 2023
Love at First Visit: CapeNature and the Winelands  

Known for its fine wine and top-class experiences enjoyed by locals and international visitors, the Cape Winelands prides itself on awe-inspiring views, award-winning wineries, historic buildings and masterpieces, and key attractions, activities and accommodation that brings family and friends together, creating wholesome and memorable moments that last forever.

9 May 2023
Unveiling the Critical Role of Biodiversity: Why We Need to Preserve It as an Essential Service for Our Survival

On the 22 May annually, we celebrate the International Day for Biological Diversity to raise awareness about biodiversity and the issues surrounding it. The day aims to highlight effective strategies that can help protect biodiversity.

Robberg hiking trail 2
9 May 2023
CapeNature’s Robberg Hiking Trail Named One of the Top 35 Hikes in the World

CapeNature is thrilled to announce that its Robberg Hiking Trail, located in Plettenberg Bay, has been recognized as one of the top 35 hikes in the world.

11 Chinese maple galleries
5 May 2023
Little Beetle Causes Big Havoc

The Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer (PSHB), originally from Asia, has been causing devastation among trees, indigenous and primarily non-indigenous around the world.

First discovered in South Africa in 2017, the beetle has spread rapidly and is now well-established as a threat to agriculture and biodiversity.

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4 May 2023
Impressive Tourism Numbers Show Locals Connect to Nature

CapeNature has been making waves in the tourism industry with its impressive revenue growth. In recent years, CapeNature has seen a steady increase in tourism revenue, with a 20% year-on-year spike. The past financial year has continued to build on this success, with the entity reaching new heights and achieving an impressive growth in tourism revenue.

Armadillo Girdled Lizards
1 May 2023
Biodiversity Crime in the Western Cape: the Threat to Our Indigenous Reptiles

In this series on biodiversity crime, we take a closer look at our indigenous fauna. Much of the illegal harvesting and trade of indigenous reptiles is driven by the demand for exotic pets, both locally and internationally. These animals are often captured in the wild, causing damage to the targeted animals as well as their natural habitats and ecosystems.

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1 May 2023
Winter Warmer Promotion

Get 40% off your next trip!Pack your cosy clothes and get ready for a fun-filled winter getaway at CapeNature’s most loved reserves.

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5 Apr 2023
Oiling the Response

The successful implementation of the Phakisa Operations: Ocean Economy workstreams, particularly the Marine Transport and Manufacturing and Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration work streams are bound to result in accidental pollution events, despite the best practice being used to manage and prevent these unfortunate events.

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4 Apr 2023
Add Abseil to Your Adventure List This Easter 

Experience the incredible view of Plettenberg Bay from CapeNature’s Robberg Nature Reserve, while abseiling down the 14 storey cliffs. This adrenaline thrill ends spectacularly with a view of the magnificent Nelson’s Cave - a sight to behold that adds to your total experience.

IMG 0531 Monilaria chrysoleuca
4 Apr 2023 by Lucille Ross, CapeNature Compliance Specialist: Wildlife Trade
Biodiversity Crime in the Western Cape: A Focus on Indigenous Succulent Plants

The Western Cape is an international biodiversity hotspot, and some of the plants and animals found here occur naturally nowhere else in the world. Sadly, this makes our province an attractive destination for wildlife traffickers.

2022 State of Conservation Report Cover design
31 Mar 2023
Fresh from the press - 2022 State of Conservation Report

CapeNature is proud to present the 2022 State of Conservation Report. This is the third State of Conservation Report to inform the periodic Western Cape State of Biodiversity Report, as mandated by the newly assented Western Cape Biodiversity Act, aimed at providing the status of indicators for assessing the global state of biodiversity.