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Infographic: Biodiversity – wildlife sustaining life on Earth: World Wildlife Day

World Wildlife Day is celebrated on 3 March every year to raise awareness around the world’s wild animals and plants.

Infographic: Fisheries

This beautifully illustrated infographic shows how important our fisheries are to our well-being. 

Infographic: Groundwater

Every wonder what ground water is and how it works? This infographic explains how important ground water is to us.

Infographic: Marine Protected Areas

This infographic explains what a Marine Protected Area is and why they are so important

Infographic: Recycling and energy

Recycling saves energy - find out how with this interesting infographic on waste and energy

Infographic: recycling and energy

How does recycling save energy? Is there a connection? Have a look at this Earth Day infographic to find out.

Infographic: Water saving tips and valuing water

Learn just how precious water is and how you can save it by making small changes. 

Infographic: Wetlands and people

Wetlands are important to people. Find out why with this infographic. 

Infrographic Arbour Day 2022 Tips on Planting Responsibly

In celebration of Arbour Week, join the Plant One Million Trees Movement and make a difference.

Interview with a tree competition Winners
Ironwood Eco-venue fact sheet

Ironwood Eco-venue at Grootvadersbosch Nature Reserve offers a curriculum-aligned eco-programme available seven days a week. Have a look at the fact sheet below for more information.

Lesson Plan and Presentation Fire Grade 5 1hr

This lesson plan and presentation will focus on raising awareness around fires by looking at safety measures people can use at home and in the environment to help prevent fires. It will also focus on the advantages and disadvantages of fire and differentiate between flammable and non-flammable items.