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Lesson plan and presentation – Marine Month and food chains (Grade 6): one hour

What are ecosystems and food webs? Why are ecosystems and food webs important to us? In this lesson plan and presentation, you’ll learn methods to help you identify threats to ecosystems and solutions to these threats, and find out how ecosystems and the food web are created.

Lesson plan and presentation – water cycle (Grade 4)

This lesson plans covers the water cycle, why water is important and the states of matter.

Lesson plan and presentation: Biodiversity and soil – teachers' workshop (Grade 5)

Planet Earth is made of rocks. This workshop aimed at teachers focuses on important topics such as biodiversity and soil conservation. 

Lesson plan and presentation: Energy transfer and energy chains – Grade 4

We use energy for everything we do – we get our energy from food, and the energy in our food comes from the sun. Plants also use the energy from the sun to make food for animals and people. This presentation and lesson plan is ideal for teachers.

Lesson plan and presentation: Living and non-living things

This lesson plan focuses on the difference between living and non-living things and the seven life processes: movement, respiration, sensitivity, growth, reproduction, excretion and feeding.

Lesson plan and presentation: structure of plants – Plant Appreciation Day

This lesson plan and presentation for Grade 4 teachers cover the structure of plants.

Lesson plan and presentation: structure of plants – Plant Appreciation Day (Grade 4)

Learn all about the structure of plants. 

Lesson Plan and Presentation: Water - Age 8 - 12 - 5hr

In this fun, water holiday programme, learners will learn about the many uses of water and take part in a range of water-related activities such as the water cycle, clouds and puddles as well as Wacky water arts and crafts.

Lesson Plan and Presentation: Water - Pollution and Wetlands - Grade 6

Learn all about wetlands, what threatens them and what we can do about it! 

Lesson Plan: Biodiversity - Plants and Animals on Earth - Grade 5

This lesson plan deals with topics including biodiversity and the different plants and animals on Earth.