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Water Week 2019 – Water For All

The theme for National Water Week 2019 is ‘Water For All’.  

How Western Cape fires and drought have affected critically endangered geometric tortoises

The Geometric Tortoise (Psammobates geometricus) is a beautiful specimen of the chelonian family. Its domed geometric-like hard shell, striking summer-sunset yellow and black radiating pattern makes it the Fabergé egg of the tortoise world. When the terrestrial tortoise is fully grown, it reaches only five to six inches. Unfortunately, this already endangered species has been […]

Where do fish go? Lessons from the De Hoop Marine Protected Area

Guest author: Dr John Filmalter Researchers from the South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity (SAIAB) have been studying the movement patterns of several of South Africa’s iconic fishery species for the past 15 years. This research has taken Dr Paul Cowley and his team on a journey that started out in a single Eastern Cape estuary […]

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