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After most of the year spent staying put, the great outdoors has never seemed so inviting. Picture new horizons, activities that stretch you and the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had. For a getaway that combines nature, adventure and stunning accommodation, look no further than Kogelberg Nature Reserve. Here eight new eco-cabins are nestled in a natural playground just begging to be explored.

The pristine 18 000-hectare reserve is considered the heart of the Cape Floral Kingdom. Between the rugged mountain peaks, patches of indigenous forest and burbling waters of the Palmiet River, adventurous spirits will find plenty to do.

Get out and about

With activities ranging from mild to wild, Kogelberg can rightly consider itself a destination for adventure. Hikers can opt for various day walks ranging between 6km and 24km, from an easy amble along the Palmiet River to an all-day circular route that goes deep into the mountains. The 22km MTB trail skirts the river and offers stunning views of the Kogelberg Valley as well as the chance for a refreshing dip.

Depending on the season and your appetite for adventure, you can choose to drift down the river on an inflatable craft or go for white-water rafting action. If you’re hungry for more thrills, you can find sandboarding, kitesurfing, abseiling and quad biking nearby. The coastal villages in the area are popular for swimming and surfing, and you may well get to see whales in season.

Your base for adventure

So that you’re free to get down to the business of exploring, the eco-cabins are equipped with all you need for a relaxing stay. Think comfy bed with crisp linen, fitted kitchen featuring the necessary appliances, and a sleek bathroom for piping-hot showers post-trail.

After a day spent adventuring, put your feet up on the deck as food sizzles on the built-in braai. In warm weather, you could also chill out next to the eco-pool, where the reed-filtered water is as soft and pure as in the Palmiet River. When there’s a bite in the air, stoke the wood-burning oven at the centre of your cabin. Because the eco-cabins have large windows and glass doors that face the mountains, you could even lie in bed and plan your next day’s outing.

Switch off to recharge

A stay in Kogelberg is just what you need to feel grounded in nature and get some distance from the daily grind. There’s no cellphone signal here, so for once you can truly leave WiFi, work and worries behind. Instead of being glued to a screen, you can let your eyes roam far and wide, taking in the dappled light on the mountains or the clouds scudding across the sky.

The eco-cabins are designed to connect you to the great outdoors. Each is carefully positioned for glorious views while ensuring privacy and glass doors slide or stack away to bring the outside in. Pergolas provide shade against the sun’s rays in summer while timber vents offer cross ventilation. When you fall asleep at night, it’s under a roof planted with carefully selected indigenous grasses.

Located just 90 minutes’ drive from Cape Town and fully compliant with Covid-19 protocols, the eco-cabins in Kogelberg Nature Reserve are a hideaway in the heart of nature. With a variety of activities and trails departing from your doorstep, all that’s left is for you to get out there.

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